Help me help a friend

Today’s post is just a short request.  A blogger friend, Amy Rauch Neilson, is a writer, a mom, and is currently undergoing chemo to fight a recurrence of breast cancer.  She needs our help – and it won’t cost you a penny, only a minute or two of your time. 

Since breast cancer has touched our family and so many people that I know, I am asking a personal favor. 

Amy is trying to get her book “It’s In the Genes” published, and to do that, the publishers want to see that she has a following – 5000 subscribers is what they want to see, and she is trying to do that by March 3rd.   She is well on her way there, but every subscriber counts.

Please just go to her blog and subscribe via email using the link at the top of her page.   I know, I know, we all read blogs in our Google Reader – but just this time, make an exception and sign up for emails – that is the only way she can show the publishers how big of a following she has.  Then, later, when you have some time, I highly recommend that you go back and read from her archives.  She is a talented writer, with a great sense of humor.  I couldn’t help but become part of her cheering section, and I hope you will feel that way too.  

In case you want to cut and paste it rather than link, here is the url:

I will now take you back to our regularly scheduled programming!

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1 Response to Help me help a friend

  1. Michelle says:

    I came here via Kathy’s blog “Four of a Kind” and now I read this! I am currently undergoing breast cancer myself so I have a huge soft spot for this posting. I am on my way over to your friend’s blog right now and then I’ll be back here to try and familiarize myself with you 🙂


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