Coffee…how I missed you.

My husband is in shock.  We’ve been together for 13 years, and in that entire time, I stayed away from coffee.  It was part of the plan for being healthy and preparing to be pregnant.  That, and the fact that I never wanted to have to go through the weeks of headaches from withdrawal that I experienced when I stopped drinking it the first time. 

Coffee is actually one of the joys in my husband’s life.  The man loves his coffee – he is a home barista with talent, and savors the coffee and espresso drinks he makes every single morning and night.  And for our 13 years together, he has always had to savor it alone. 

I remember the old days, before we were together, when coffee was a part of my life.  The good old days.  But then, when I tried to stop drinking it, the withdrawal was so bad I decided I would never get addicted to coffee again.   It would just be easier not to drink it.  So, while we were preparing to prepare to get pregnant, cycling, pregnant, cycling again and again, and pregnant again, I just stayed away from it.  And months became years and years became a decade and more.  And somewhere along the way, I just sort of forgot about why I wasn’t drinking coffee any more. 

Until….it dawned on me one day a few weeks ago – that since there are no future plans for pregnancy, there is no longer a need to deny myself the pleasure of a good cup o java.

And so now, my beloved husband and I have one more thing we can share.  A good cup of coffee in the morning.  I haven’t missed a day since I started drinking it again. And part of the joy is that he makes it and brings it to me – I am a lucky girl.

I really did miss you coffee, and thankfully, I didn’t realize how much I missed you until I found you again.  

Sometimes it really is the little things in life that that are worth noticing and savoring.  🙂

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