Balloons To Heaven

I did not exactly figure out what “felt right” for the anniversary of Quinn and Trace’s birth.  However, factoring our new little one into the picture, I decided that her absolute love and fascination with balloons would help me do “something” to honor them on that big day.   I felt like if she was celebrating the birthday of brothers on earth, she’d probably want balloons, so no reason we couldn’t share them with them in heaven.

Two of the balloons say happy birthday on them along with a note – one each for Trace and Quinn, the pink balloon has hearts – that one is the one that we kept for her and she has played with it every day since then.

Ironically, I just realized that as I am writing this, it was exactly 1 year ago almost to the minute when Trace left us.

I love you and miss you my little boys more than I could ever adequately express in actions or words.

A wonderfully thoughtful friend sent me a card this week telling me about her Grandma who was adopted and also suffered many losses before adopting her own child.  She had always told my friend that when she got to heaven she would ask God to put her with the babies so she could rock them.  She passed away last week – so maybe she arrived just in time to rock my precious boys on their birthday this year.

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4 Responses to Balloons To Heaven

  1. Nell says:

    Beautiful- I’m glad you found a way to mark the anniversary. While I know you will always miss the boys, I hope that you are healing.

  2. Yes…it’s a beautiful way to remember. I’m sorry for your loss.

  3. Jenny says:

    Thanks so much for sharing here and on my blog – I’d forgotten how close together our sad days were. I’m so pleased you found something that felt right for you, and I’ve appreciated reading through the comments your other readers have left regarding other ways to spend the day.

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